The synthesizer doesn't sound

  • Load a preset or change the following parameters:
    • Cutoff to maximum, resonance to minimum
    • Oscillator one to any waveform, level at maximum
    • Envelopes with minimum attack and maximum sustain
    • Check the volume knob
  • Verify volumes and gains on the mixing console or amplifier
  • Verify audio connections
  • Verify MIDI connections
  • Verify that the synthesizer and MIDI controller are configured on the same channel. The synthesizer can also be configured in omni mode.

The synthesizer is out of tune

Run the autotuning algorithm:

  • In Apollo and Apollo Mini: hold the oscillator 1 and 2 buttons for about 2 seconds. When all the LEDs are on, the synth is in tune.
  • In e7: press shift and then press oscillator 1 pulse button.